Filming & Events

Filming & Events

RAK Studios

Filming & Events

We have experience hosting an array of projects, from photo shoots, showcases, and album playbacks, to multi-studio writing camps and film shoots.

We're happy to work alongside major broadcasters, events teams and indie artists alike, and our highly experienced team are here to help bring your latest creative project to fruition.

We are comfortable looking after crews of any size and have large multi-purpose rooms which can be used for hair & make-up, green rooms and more.

A full list of our available spaces can be found below and can be adapted to your filming needs.

To make a filming enquiry please call 020 7483 6200.

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Our Spaces

If you are booking one of our Studios you may also be interested in hiring additional space for wardrobe, catering, green room or production base. We have a selection of flexible spaces available to suit your needs.

  • 4 recording studios ranging in size from 31sq m to 142sq m
  • 2 production rooms
  • A large recreation space (103sq m)
  • A lounge area
  • 2 kitchens (one fully equipped)
  • Catering (arranged upon request)
  • ‚ÄčOn-site accommodation for up to 6 guests
  • Off street parking for up to 10 vehicles
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